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It’s better than wood!

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BTW™ Flooring

BTW™ (Better Than Wood) flooring is a vinyl laminate flooring system that can be used to create beautiful wood-effect floors. It’s easy to install, hardwearing and works perfectly with our LPC Flooring.

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BTW Benefits

Why is the BTW Flooring System better than wood?

  • Easy to install

    The flooring planks connect through a simple interlocking system and require no adhesives, saving you time and money on labor and supplies.

  • Simple to customise:

    The flooring is easy to cut and requires no specialist cutting tools or training.

  • Acoustic benefits

    The EVA underlay helps to reduce noise as well as levelling out imperfections, offering a smoother finish.

  • 10-year guarantee

    The flooring is hardwearing and will stand the test of time. That’s why we offer a 10-year guarantee on all BTW Flooring.

  • Water-proof

    Unlike traditional laminate flooring, BTW flooring does not absorb moisture and retains its original shape and structure over time.

  • Value

    This is a high quality, long lasting flooring solution with low installation costs, representing excellent value for money.

  • Greater choice

    Choose from a wide range of colors and finishes to complement your environment.

  • A smoother finish

    BTW flooring’s slim profile and special edge trim creates an even floor that offers a smooth transition from carpet.

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BTW Baseboard

The baseboard comes in 2 colors and is designed to add a perimeter detail to the floor.

Floor Trim 

Designed to be a transition between the BTW flooring system and carpet (or other flooring). It has a slight overhang to the planks to cover any shrinkage or dimensional differences.

Baseboard Trim 

A piece of black anodized aluminum which fits onto the top of the baseboard

Baseboard Trim Corner

When turning an outside corner for the floor, this plastic corner piece engages either side of the miter cuts

BTW Flooring Planks

Wainscoting Trim 

End Cap

Baseboard Backer


BTW Flooring and Wall Paneling

  • Plank Dimensions (LxWxT):  60 x 7 x 1/4 inch (1520 x 178 x 6.5mm)
  • Coverage Per Carton (10 pcs): 30 ft² (2.79 m²)
  • Weight Per Carton: 51 lbs (23kg)
  • Edge Detail: Interlocking

BTW Baseboard

  • Plank Dimensions (LxWxT):  60 x 3.75 x 1/4 inch (1530 x 95 x 6.5mm)
  • Coverage Per Carton (10 pcs): 50 Lineal Feet (15.24m)
  • Weight Per Carton: 23 lbs (10.4kg)


  • 100% waterproof
  • 100 chemical resistant
  • High resolution Graphic Film
  • Virgin PVC layer
  • Tough and durable UV finish
  • External WPC Core

BTW Wainscoting

  • Plank Dimension(LxWxT):  30 x 7 x 1/4 inch (760 x 178 x 6.5mm)
  • Coverage Per Carton (10 pcs): 5.75Lineal Feet (1.74m)
  • Weight Per Carton: 23 lbs (10.4kg)
  • Edge Detail: Toungue and Groove

BTW Wainscot and Baseboard Trims

  • Trim Length:  7.2 Feet (2200mm)
  • Coverage Per Carton (10 pcs): 72 Lineal Feet (22m)

Tests and Standards

  • Abrasion Resistance: ASTM D4060-2010
  • Castor Chair Resistance: ANSI LF-11
  • Impact Resistance: ASTM F1265-03a
  • Chemical Resistance: ASTM F925-13


Please see our Frequently Asked Questions.

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More information about the BTW Flooring System is coming soon!

To find out more about the BTW ceiling System, please contact us and a representative will be in touch. Alternatively, please contact your nearest office.

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