Traditional VS LPC Flooring

The Adapt Advantage

Standard access flooring vs raised access flooring

LPC installation is faster, easier and reduces costs.
The following explains why low profile raised access flooring has gained rapid popularity over traditional flooring installation methods.

Standard access flooring

Low profile raised access flooring 

Specialist expertise required: Standard access flooring requires professional knowledge to organise the distribution of cables, vents, wires and equipment.

Simple: On the other hand, raised access flooring requires no specialist knowledge or expertise to install or modify at a later date.

Time consuming: Installing standard access flooring is a much lengthier process, significantly increasing the time taken to complete your project.

Fast: LPC flooring installation requires no invasive trenching or coring and follows the natural contours of the floor, saving you weeks of time on your project.

Expensive: Due to the expertise needed to install the flooring and time lost from using this slower method, standard access flooring is a significantly more expensive option.

Cost-effective: Costs are much lower with this simple solution and project time is reduced, allowing your building to be occupied faster, saving you time and money.

Harder to access: Once installation is complete it becomes challenging and messy to make any further alterations.

Easy to access: Making changes to the cable or wiring system is simple and mess-free. You can work on one section of the floor without disturbing the entire area.

Less space:  With standard access floors, there is less space between the floor and ceiling and less flexibility on where you position ducts, vents and electrics.

More free space: With low profile raised access floors, you have space to accommodate wires, lighting, cables and anything else that needs to go under the floors.

Not reusable: With standard access flooring, should you move to a new building, you are unable to take the floor with you.

Reusable: LPC flooring is a long-term investment. Should you need to move offices in the future, you can take the flooring with you!

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