LPC Flooring

LPC flooring is the name for our low profile raised access flooring. It is fixed height and follows the natural contours of the floor. LPC+ is the height adjustable version, suited to environments where the floor is uneven.

We will deliver your products to you within two weeks of placing your order. In some instances, we may be able to deliver this sooner.

Our low profile raised access flooring can be used in any type of building. For buildings where the flooring is uneven, LPC+ can be used as a height adjustable option.

Yes! LPC and LPC+ can be used together. This option is ideal for buildings where a section of the floor is uneven. This means that you can use the type of raised access flooring you need, where you need it – making your budget go further.

The flooring is simple to install and doesn’t require specialist training so many clients prefer to carry out their own flooring installation. If you do not wish to undertake your own installation then Adapt Architectural can arrange this as an extra service, should you wish for us to do so.

No! The simple design of the raised access flooring means that installing LPC flooring requires no specialist training.

LPC flooring is up to 75% faster than traditional installation methods.

No! You do not need any special tools or equipment to cut LPC boards. The flooring has been designed to make the whole installation process simple from start to finish

Simply measure the perimeter of the area to be floored and let us know how many electrical access points you need and we’ll calculate the amount of webbing and floor tiles you’ll need.

It is very easy to make changes to the cabling and electrics after the floor has been installed. Simply lift up the boards above the section you wish to change. There is no hassle and no mess.

Yes! You can take the LPC flooring if you move to a new building in the future without digging up the floor or causing any damage

If you have any further questions or wish to make an enquiry,please contact us and a local Adapt Architectural representative will get in touch.

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